Hi! I'm Audrey Kintisch


Hi! my name is Audrey Kintisch. I'm a computer scientist studying at Brown University. I spend most of my time in Providence, RI, engaging in my classes and exploring the city. I'm particularly passionate about web development, 3D graphics, and the study of virtual communities. In my spare time, I play nostalgic video games, tend to my indoor garden, and doodle.

You can't tell from my picture, but I only have one hand. Not to worry! It affects my life approximately 0%. If you have any questions about living one-handed, send me an email. I may be able to save my fellow programmers some time, though: my typing speed approximately 70 WPM, and yes, I do know that's fast.


Research Assistant, September 2018-Present

I recently joined the HCI research team for Sketchy! I'll be working on fixing the code base, and helping prepare the research paper.

Check out Sketchy here.

Prototype GUI Interface for BrainGate Neural Interface System
Full-Stack Web Developer, February 2018-May 2018

BrainGate introduced me to the world of professional web development, and I experienced everything from working with a client to develop project specs, to managing and motivating a team in the final stretch. I loved working on a product for a cause that I believed in and that would directly impact people. I’m incredibly grateful for the time I spent working with them.

BrainGate patients have a neural implant that is used to control a cursor on a screen and a robotic arm, among other things. Researchers have them play a game to calibrate their implant. Originally, the researchers at Brown University used a collection of Microsoft Word documents with timestamps to record notes during the game. Our app, however, allows for full game playback, integrated notes stored in a database, and multiple views of game trials. The ease of data storage and visualization impacts researchers’ day-to-day work, and allows them to easily find and target problems.

Check out the BrainGate website here.

Hack@Brown 2017 (Registration Website)
Full-Stack Web Developer, October 2016-February 2017

I was so lucky to be a part of the development team for Hack@Brown. I spent a semester getting a crash course in web development, surrounded by friendly, talented upperclassmen who became my mentors. I developed not only a site that would be used by thousands of people, but the confidence to believe in my abilities.

Maintenence of the site has discontinued, unfortunately.

An Ordinary Day
Full-Stack Web Developer, February 2016-April 2016
Ordinary Day Game header

This site deserves a mention because it sparked my lasting excitement about the potential of web development. It’s a collaborative text-adventure site, complete with cookies, user accounts, and an inventory system. I loved the idea of building a positive, collaborative community in a virtual space, and that’s something that inspires me to this day.

Check out the site here.


Let's get in touch!

The best way to contact me is to email me. Feel free to ask for a copy of my resume, or set up a meeting with me. I accept bribes in the form of tea and pastries.

In the meantime, you can check out my LinkedIn Profile or my Github profile.